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HiSmith - Servok Premium Sex Machine (App)

Hismith Servok Premium Sex Machine with KlicLok System Intelligent APP Control with new and innovative hybrid servo-drive motor maintains a constant source of power and thrust. This is a game...

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Indulge your wildest fantasies in luxurious style with the Cowgirl Riding Sex Machine. Handcrafted comfort, supple body-safe attachments, and orgasmic bliss await those who dare to take the ride of...

Hismith 10.43" Bullet Silicone Anal Plug with KlicLok System

SOFT DILDO has a total length of 10.4'', an insertable length of 9.6'', and a maximum breadth of 2.5''. HISMITH DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED: All premium sex machines that use the...

LoveBotz 50X Saddle Pro Sex Machine

Get back in the saddle and see how long you can ride this Saddle Pro Sex Machine! Built to be durable and handle up to 220 kg, it's for those...

HiSmith - Pro Traveler (Remote and App)

The HiSmith Pro Traveller, boasts all the same attractive features as the Original HiSmith Sex Machines, however the Traveller acts as a great stand in for anyone who wants to...

HiSmith - Gold Premium Sex Machine (Remote and App)

Your HiSmith Sex Machine is made of sturdy, high-quality, chrome-plated steel with solid rods, and no flimsy connections to hinder its powerful thrusting stroke of up to 15cm, you can...

HiSmith - Premium Sex Machine (Remote and App)

A high-quality pleasure-focused machine, the HiSmith Premium Sex Machine will allow your customers to discover a side of them they didn't know they had.  Designed to last the long haul,...

HiSmith - Tabletop 2.0 Pro (Remote and App)

HiSmith’s patented KlicLok-system enables you to attach and lock the sex toys in place with a simple click. Automate your entire sex toy collection, from Vac-U-Lock to Screw with Hismith’s...

HiSmith - Purple Premium Sex Machine (Remote and App)

With solid rods and no flimsy connections to hinder its powerful thrusting stroke of up to 15cm, you can be confident in its structure and ability to last the distance...

HiSmith - Capsule Pro (Remote and App)

Designed to bring all your bedroom fantasies to life, the HiSmith Traveller Capsule is a smaller version of our other popular rechargeable sex machine, the HiSmith Pro Traveller! With privacy...

HiSmith - Premium Sex Machine (Original)


HiSmith - Mini Sex Machine (Remote and App)

Hismith Portable Mini Sex Machine is portable, smaller than standard and more powerful than the Pro Traveller or Capsule. With update Hardware and Software you can enjoy the long distance...

HiSmith - Traveler Pro 3.0 (Remote and App)

The Hismith Pro Travel has had an upgrade to the suction base. Now using professional glass sucker as the master device, this vacuum suction cup can adhere to almost all...

HiSmith - Capsule (Remote and App)

Hismith Rechargeable Programmable Sex Machine, Portable Fucking Machine Capsule with Multiple Speeds & Frequencies Reference: HS19-APP Compact but powerful: Perfect size for handhold and carry, plus provides 370 RPM powerful...

Fetish Fantasy Extreme International Extreme Sex Machine - Powered Stroker and Thruster Machine

When you’re looking for a travel-friendly sex machine that can operate on any electric current in the world, the Fetish Fantasy Extreme International Extreme Sex Machine is the perfect choice...