Nipples are often forgotten about in the world of sexual pleasure, but these sensitive little buttons can be the key to seriously arousing your partner. Nipple sensitivity varies for everyone, which is why you may need to have a discussion or simply learn by playing to see what your partner does or doesn’t respond to.


If you have never made the most of your nipples during sex, read on to learn a few things from the experts at Naughty By Nature Adult Store. The nipples can open up a whole new world of pleasure during your sexual escapades!


Rubbing, licking, and pinching

Nipples can actually be the main event of your sex life if you learn how to bring them into it properly. You should engage with them more thoughtfully as nipple play is a turn-on for many people, and a bite or pinch can change the game.


This always comes down to personal taste, and you may need to learn how rough your partner likes it when it comes to nipple action in foreplay.

Nipples and masturbation

This is not only an area for your partner but one for self-exploration as well. The nipples can be a forgotten erogenous zone, but they can actually be played with in many ways, and combined with other stimulation points.


Nipple play with a clitoral or testicle massage can enhance pleasure significantly. In fact, the part of the brain that lights up from clitoral stimulation also reacts to nipple play. Combining the two can enhance the sensation immensely.


Nipple play tips

Lube the nipples and treat them like a sensitive clitoris for greater pleasure. Here are some other tips to consider:

  • Use slow, circular massage-like motions around the areolas and nipples, but beware of scratching

  • Sweep up-and-down using the entire palm to the fingertips

  • If the areola is less sensitive, make smaller circles throwing in a gentle pinch now and then

  • Make the Star Trek “Live Long and Prosper” sign (or a peace sign) with your hand, and massage the entire breast with the nipple positioned between the V shape.

Add in some toys for extra fun

We stock a range of toys that can be added into the mix to make nipple play even more exciting. From pumps to clamps and pulls, there is no shortage of nipple additions to help you explore this area of the body for both men and women.


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By Tammie Paine


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