Now, who doesn't love a little vacation sex? It is your time to enjoy yourself after all! There’s just something special about vacation sex when you are less stressed and somewhere new, it's the perfect setting for some sexy adventures. 


What if you want to increase the fun by bringing along strap-on? Curious as to whether or not you should pack the dildo and harness? Don't let being too nervous about the idea of this diminish the quality of your vacation sex adventure, Naughty By Nature Adult Store has everything you need to consider for bringing a sex toy on vacation right here.

Sex toys and airport security

The last thing you want is a bright pink dildo being pulled out of your bag for all to see at security, but remember, customs agents have seen it all. Sex toys can be some of the most commonly flagged items in airport security due to their shapes and sizes, but you can “sneak” your sex toy past airport security by putting it in a clear plastic bag. If your luggage is inspected, they will avoid touching, or revealing, the toy.

Size matters

It is recommended that you don't pack any sex toy to over seven inches as it will be considered a baton or club. Even if you put it in your checked bag, there is a risk the toy will get confiscated.


You'll also want to consider the standard rules for liquids when it comes to lube and toy cleaner.

Sex toys aren’t legal in every country

Do some research before you travel as some countries have banned sex toys. Be mindful of laws and cultural norms and respectful of neighbours when it comes to the noise level of your vibrators. If noise is an issue, however, you could always blame the sound on your toothbrush...


Whisper-quiet sex toys are versatile and can be used almost anywhere. Also, remember to always be respectful to waitstaff. Get as kinky and as wild as you want, but refrain from destroying the hotel room. If you use a disposable cock ring, lube, or nipple pasties, make sure you put them in the trash. And don't flush condoms down the toilet!

Travel-friendly toys

There are plenty of sex toys specifically made for travel. You can speak to the staff at Naughty By Nature Adult Toys about a travel-size vibrator, or a range of sex toys that are smaller than the full-size versions or a travel lock that will prevent your gadget from accidentally turning on while in transit. Pack them with your things, and enjoy your vacation!

By Luke Carlino


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