Most people have fantasised at some point about having sex without any emotions or worrying about the consequences. The consequences being STIs or unwanted pregnancy. Sex robots are the perfect answer for anyone who wants to experience sexual pleasure.
Of course, we all know that sex robots started from very basic sex dolls which normally just had a hole for you to insert your penis. They are so much more advanced now and are the things that we could only have imagined 20 years ago. Sex robots today can make you feel as though you’re having sex with a real person. There are some sex dolls that even give consent and if you are too rough with them then they’ll object. These sex robots have actually been programmed to stop working if you do things that they don’t want.
This is just where we’re at now with sex robots. They are constantly evolving and changing. While some people use them alone, they can also play a part in threesomes where you don’t want to have to deal with a real life person.
There are so many pros to using sex robots. Aside from increased sexual arousal improving your mental and physical health they also offer physical companionship for those who are single. A sex robot will never ever be able to replace the intimacy or feeling that you get from a human relationship but it can fill the void when you’re single.
There is also the added bonus that you can use a sex robot from the comfort of your own home so when you are single you can use your sex robot instead of going to a brothel, which will save you money, aside from the initial investment of the sex robot.
As briefly mentioned, couples who are considering having a threesome can experiment with a sex robot. That way they won’t have to worry about the consequences of involving a third person. We’ve all heard stories of threesomes gone wrong where someone either overstepped a boundary or someone got the wrong idea and the friendship ended. Sex robots eliminate those problems. It is the most hassle free sexual exchange you can think of.
There isn’t a lot of research around at the moment that studies the moral, psychological and social impacts of the use of sex robots but one recent study did suggest that sex with a robot is still sex. People who use sex robots are much more comfortable with a sex robot than going to a brothel where they pay a human sex worker.
Sex robots will never remove the human desire for companionship however they can fill the void when someone is single and they can give people in relationships a satisfying experience without involving a third person.
We have several sex doll robots which look incredibly lifelike and come in different body shapes to satisfy all Tates. They can be programmed to engage in dirty talk and you can control what they say to you. They can either text it or say it via an MP3 file. Many of our robots can mimic facial expressions so if you want reassurance or interaction you will get it from the robot. All you have to do is talk to her like she’s a real girl and she’ll start flirting back and responding to you.
By Libby Shaw


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