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How to Use a Sex Doll

Congratulations on your recent purchase of a sex doll! The best sex dolls can provide companionship and sexual satisfaction and even excite your relationships. One of the best things about sex dolls is that they are a loyal and gentle partner. They are always ready to have a good time and can fulfill your fantasies without any hangover.

However, remember that a sex doll is not easy to afford. You may have even gone into debt to buy one, so it’s crucial to use your sex doll properly. This passage is a user guide covering everything you may want to know about having sex with a sex doll, how to take care of it, and how to maximize pleasure in your new relationship.

We hope this guide helps you fully enjoy your new companion.

Unboxing & Checking Your Sex Doll

After up to several months long waiting, you must wait to unwarp the sex dolls. We understand how exciting this moment is for you. It is essential that you carefully read through these unwarp steps. By doing so, you can ensure that you use the doll safely and correctly, allowing you to enhance your sexual experiences in the best way possible. So, let’s begin unpacking and assembling your sex doll with care and attention.

1. Check the box

Before you dive into the excitement, be patient! You must carefully inspect the cardboard box for any damage or defects, especially if it has been shipped for some time. Remember to check the box and take photos. When the cardboard is badly damaged, photographs can be used as evidence to support a recipient’s claim for compensation.

If the cardboard box is damaged, there is a possibility that the sex doll inside may also be damaged. The extent of the damage will depend on the degree of damage to the box. If the doll is not cushioned adequately inside the box, it is more likely to suffer damage if the package is damaged during transit or handling. Irontech Doll tries to pack the doll securely with appropriate cushioning materials to minimize the risk of damage during transportation.


2. Carefully open the box.

To open the box, take a knife or other tool and carefully cut the tape from the edge, making sure not to go too deep and risk damaging the doll inside. Be gentle if you don’t want to scratch or damage the contents. Once you cut the tape, you can open the box and reveal what’s inside – your dream girl!

3. Take out accessories

We offer a wide range of accessories for your sex doll, including wigs, suspension kits, heating rods, and even cleaning tools. Once these items are removed and set aside, all left in the box is your new sex doll’s seductive body, which comes with a sleeping bag/blanket for storing.


4. Remove the doll from the sleeping bag/blanket.

First, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

Then, unzip the sleeping bag and manipulate the doll’s limbs into a “dead bug” pose.

Next, carefully lift the doll from the box and embrace it with your arms before gently placing it on the bed or sofa. 

5. Carefully remove the foam from the hands and feet

We wrap the arms and legs with protective foam to protect them from possible damage in transport. Here’s how to remove the protective foam without damaging the doll:

  • Hold the doll gently by its body to prevent damage to its hands, arms, or legs.
  • Check the foam to locate areas where it is attached to the doll’s hands and feet.
  • Use a pair of small scissors or a craft knife to carefully cut through the foam around the edges of the doll’s hands and feet. Carefully make cuts to avoid cutting into the doll’s body.
  • Remove the protective foam gently.
  • Carefully remove any remaining foam from the hands and feet, not to pull too hard or use excessive force. It is essential to be gentle when removing foam to avoid damaging the doll’s hands and feet.

6. Wait for the press mark to disappear.

After unboxing, kindly remove the protective foam from the doll. It’s normal for the skin to exhibit dents due to the wrap of foam, which should naturally disappear after a while. Dents on the skin can be easily smoothed out by gently stretching the skin around them.

To address minor dents on the TPE skin, you can gently apply a warm damp cloth and massage the dent to restore its original shape.

7. Check the skeleton

To check the quality of your sex doll’s skeleton, you can perform a few simple tests:

Bend the joints: Gently bend the doll’s joints in different directions to ensure they move smoothly and without resistance. The joints should also hold their position when moved.

Test range of motion: Move the doll’s arms and legs through their full range of motion to ensure they move freely and without restriction.

Check durability: Apply gentle pressure to the doll’s joints and limbs to ensure they are strong and can withstand regular use.

By performing these tests, you can ensure that the doll’s skeleton is of good quality and can provide the necessary support for the doll’s body.

Well done! You have finished unboxing your sex dolls.

How To Have Sex With A Sex Doll

Sex dolls can provide a range of benefits to their owners. This part shows you how to have sexual fun with your sex doll.

1. Clean your doll thoroughly

Clean a sex doll before use to maintain good hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria or infections.

Cleaning your sex doll before and after use can help remove potentially harmful bacteria that may cause an infection or irritation. It is necessary if you are sharing your sex toys with others.

To ensure the safety and longevity of your sex doll, please follow Irontech Doll’s cleaning instructions, using mild soap and warm water to clean your sex doll.

2. Attach the doll's head and dress her

Attach the sex doll head and put a wig on your doll.

Owning a sex doll can be a fun and imaginative experience for many individuals, as they can use clothing to act out their fantasies or engage in role-playing. Some customers enjoy buying clothing and accessories for their dolls.

However, when selecting clothing sizes for sex dolls, we often receive inquiries from buyers. Given that most sex dolls have exaggerated body proportions, we suggest that customers choose clothing based on the dolls’ body measurements.

3. Use water-based lubricants

Water-based lubricants are recommended when using sex dolls because silicone lubricants can react with the silicone material of the sex doll and cause it to degrade or become damaged over time.

Silicone sex dolls are made of a high-quality, non-porous material that is safe and easy to clean. Water-based lubricants are safe to use with silicone sex toys and will not cause any damage or degradation. They are also easy to clean and leave no residue, making them an excellent choice for both safety and convenience. While silicone-based lubricants can break down the toy’s surface, making it harder to clean and more prone to developing bacteria or other pathogens.

Overall, using a water-based lubricant with your sex doll is the best way to ensure its longevity, cleanliness, and safety. 

4. Vaginal sex with a sex doll

Each female sex doll that Irontech Doll offers with a choice of a removable or fixed vagina, and the depth of each doll’s vaginal opening is listed on our website. Choose a doll that can fit your size for the most enjoyable experience. Contact us to customize the vagina.

Our dolls are silicone or TPE, both of which have an incredibly realistic feel—the vaginas are designed to provide pleasure similar to having sex with an actual human.

The process of using our dolls is straightforward. You position the doll in the desired way and then penetrate the doll as you would with a human partner. The combination of pressure and friction will create an incredible sensation.

5. Anal sex with a sex doll

Many positions are suitable for having anal sex with a sex doll, including doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and spooning. You can also experiment with different angles and depths to find the perfect position for you and your sex doll.

6. Oral Sex with Sex Doll

Using a sex doll for oral sex is a great way to spice up your sex life. Start by lubricating the doll’s mouth and tongue. Then, position your sex doll, so its mouth is over your genitals. Once aroused, move the doll’s head back and forth to create a suction sensation.

7. How to have sex with a male sex doll

If you want to have a better sex experience with your male sex doll, there are a few steps you can take to make the experience even better.

● Instore the penis.

● Make sure you have the proper lubricant for your doll’s material. Apply adequate water-based lubricant to the penis to avoid uncomfortable when inserting.

● In addition, to make it feel even more realistic, the cowgirl position is recommended as it can better control the sex process.

Cleaning Your Sex Doll

We recommend thorough cleaning every two weeks to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. Depending on how often you use it, you may need to clean it more often. You will need the following:

  • Cleaning pump
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Talcum powder
  • Light-colored cloth
  • Drying stick

1. Cleaning your sex doll

When cleaning your doll’s body, the most effective way is to use either your shower or bathtub if you are confident enough to lift and position the doll.

While washing, apply gentle pressure to preserve the skin. Avoid getting too carried away while rubbing the body, as this can cause damage. It is also, taking care not to soak the neck and head too much or submerge them in water, as it can lead to rust build-up in the neck screws.

Use the pump to clean the tunnels several times. Remember to dry the tunnels with a drying stick.

2. Drying the tunnels

The drying stick is a simple tool that quickly dries the sex doll tunnel. It absorbs water and moisture efficiently in just a few hours. It is easy to use: insert it into the vagina/anus and let the stick work for a few hours.

There are some alternative options. You can use a tampon to assist in drying the inner vagina. Some love doll users opt to wrap a microfiber towel around a stick and insert it into the vagina until dry, or they roll kitchen paper into a stick as a substitute.

3. How to clean a wig

Making sure your doll’s wig looks nice is really important. But cleaning fake hair isn’t just about scrubbing it. Before you start, check out this video to learn how to wash your wig.

4. Store your sex doll

Hang the sex doll, wrap it with a blanket, and store it in the travel case.

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