Somewhere in the 80s I remember a strange event!

A friend and I ventured to Maslin Beach (Australia’s first free beach) one summers afternoon and couldn’t help but notice beachgoers amassing in one area? Could this be someone having a medical episode? A couple stood up and walked towards the water for a dip when suddenly all was revealed! The lady was devoid of pubic hair and was something of a curiosity. It all seems to have been reversed nowadays when you might see one female being hairy down under and all the others bald or at least carefully manicured at this beach, including the men folk.

The Brazilian, to whatever degree, is more than a trend but a mainstay of the past forty years. The more mature ladies have taken to it implicitly, apart from ridding all of the body hair, it gives the feeling of being pre-pubescent. To give the sensation of youth can’t be a bad thing. One thing for sure is, as we grow old, our pubic hair gets longer and tangles and tugs. You could spend half the foreplay time finding your way. Be rid of it I reckon, but to each their own, and as the dirty-ditty goes - “The Mayor of Bayswater has got a lovely daughter and the hairs on her dicky di do hang down to her knees”.


Let’s talk about sex baby!

Has shaving and waxing re-kindled sexual interest and behaviour? Studies show females between the ages of 18 and 68 prove there is a definite correlation. Sure smooth and hairless gives oral sex a whole new sensation, also proving enhancement with sex toys and lingerie take on an explosion of the senses. But what do the guys think about ridding the undergrowth? Yes, they say, it feels good and it makes my dick look a whole lot bigger too! Sexually a game changer it seems! The good people at ‘Naughty by Nature’ are aware of this and have wonderful aids and devices to make you feel a whole lot sexier and increase the pleasure principle no end.

You might just discover ‘slap ‘n’ tickle with no obstructions’!  


By Write@You .


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