Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties are a pair of panties with a remote controlled love egg hidden in the fabric which stimulates your clitoris in the ultimate discreet play.

To use vibrating knickers, you simply put them on as if they were your normal underwear, up and over your hips or if you have “c-string” vibrating knickers, they are simply used like a thong but you place the toy onto your crotch so it goes from your pelvic bone to your coccyx bone.

It then stays there while you go about your daily business.

The vibrator hidden in the fabric will rest against your clitoris and depending on who uses the remote, you can either be building up to a powerful climax or will be suffering the torment of edging for the entire day!

We can’t guarantee whether your partner will be merciful or will delight in your torment unfortunately but we can guarantee that this is an amazing discreet and playful toy that will definitely keep things fresh fun in the bedroom (or in public!)

If you have a pair of vibrating panties that have a cordless remote control then going out in public is a level above discreet play!

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