A variety of factors, leading to today’s social pursuit of life more and more personalized. An obvious example is that real sex dolls are becoming more and more popular in the world’s market of entertainment products in recent years.

Development Of Sex Doll Making Materials

The materials used in the production of real sex dolls were PVC and silicone gel at first.

Soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has been eliminated from the adult doll market due to its strong odor and possibly toxic plasticizer.

Silicone gel, also known as silicic acid gel, is a highly active adsorbent material. The material cost is more expensive. The treatment process is cold treatment. After the mold is processed, the doll can not be modified, and the joints are uneven. To sum up, considering the cost and processing, silicone dolls only account for a small part in the field of sex dolls.

With the development of material technology, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) has become the most important material in the field of sex doll. TPE is a kind of polymer rubber and plastic material with soft hardness and similar to human skin touch. It is a kind of multi-component material. It mainly contains thermoplastic styrene butadiene elastomer and operating oil. These components are relatively environmentally friendly. They do not contain phthalate plasticizer, PAHs, NP, bisphenol A and heavy metals. They are not allergenic to human skin and are very safe. Compared with silicone dolls, TPE dolls are softer and feel more like human beings. On the other hand, TPE processing technology is more mature, TPE dolls are more affordable than silicone dolls.

It is worth noting that in order to achieve realistic effects near the human body, TPE dolls usually introduce some toners, compatibilizer and flavor substances to adjust the color and smell of the materials. In this regard, we can see the quality of the dolls produced by various manufacturers.

Development Of Sex Doll Making Materials

AIBEI is one of the earliest factories in the world to develop TPE dolls, and its technology is second to none in the industry. We choose good materials, good chromogenic agents, natural flavors, mature processing technology, and processed baby dolls, which have small natural smell, pleasant smell, and environmental protection and safety. However, there are still some manufacturers in the market in order to reduce costs, the use of inferior operating oil, poor quality color agents, artificial flavors and other materials, processed products of the doll, the general smell is large, the smell is very heavy, long-term use, may cause harm to the human body. I hope consumers can distinguish well, and don’t be fooled for being cheap!

Development Of Sex Doll Making Materials

Aibei doll is absolutely the best choice for your first real sex dolls.



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