How can we store the real sex doll?

The following introduction, whether silicone, TPE sex doll are applicable!

Reclining to store sex dolls

It is one of the most common ways to put the doll back in the back. The joints of the hand, foot and waist are adjusted to a straight state, and the doll is placed in the way of reclining.

But there are two key points. The first is to let the sex doll lie on a soft plane, which has a certain weight, which can avoid the back from being pressed and deformed on the hard plane for a long time. If it takes a long time to recover after deformation, or it cannot be restored to 100% of the state.

Soft plane can be bed, can be on hard plane spread memory sponge.

The second focus is to put a pillow on the back of the waist and thigh, which is intended to reduce pressure and make the hips overhead, so that the hips can be compressed due to the weight of the sex doll.

Standing to store sex dolls

The general doll is preset to have no standing function. If there is standing style (the support point of the sole plate has a skeleton) it can be stored in standing position. However, in order to avoid the pressure of the foot floor, it is recommended to lay soft cushion (skillfully assembled, ground cushion, etc.) under the same condition.

(there are three metal supports on the foot of the standing doll)

Hanging to store sex doll

The head of the real-life doll is fixed on the neck by screw screw or mortise. The brand doll will attach the accessories of hanging hook and hanging. The head shall be replaced and the hook shall be replaced by the same fixed way.

If the hanging method is adopted for storage, it is necessary to consider whether the bearing and space can accommodate the height of the doll after hanging.

If you’re considering buying the first sex doll. Thinking about how to clean up a large sexual doll. Then you must see our introduction thinking about how to clean up a large sexual doll.

Whether it is silicone or TPE, the usable parts of the doll are mouth, vagina and anus. Most of the three parts are available, but a few small dolls have only one or two functions. Therefore, the mouth or anus of the sexual doll are all of the “one-piece” design, that is, the internal channel and body are not detachable and separated, but the vagina can be divided into “one” and “split type”.

Body cleaning of the real sex doll

Whether it is silicone or TPE sex doll, if you get dirty, you only need to use a wet cloth to dip in bath milk, soap, or even wash the dishes.

Usually, there are two parts (lower body, rear court) or three parts (mouth, lower body and rear court) of the doll. After use, cleaning is a more important place to pay attention to.

Mouth cleaning of the real sex doll

The head of the sex doll can be removed separately, so after using the mouth, the head can be taken down separately and cleaned directly. This is the most convenient and convenient cleaning method.

Asshole cleaning of the real sex doll

The rear court function of sex doll is all integrated, and the channel of the back court has been potted and can not be disassembled when making the mold. So the back court of the cleaning doll can move the doll to the bathroom for flushing, and match with the temperature of the general body bathing (please use cold water for TPE)

The channel can be cleaned with the special cleaning rod and brush for the aircraft cup, and the concave part in the sexual doll channel can be cleaned more cleanly

Vagina cleaning

There are two forms of vagina: fixde and removable

The fixde is the same as the above mentioned form, and the removable type is that there is a circular hole in the lower body of the sexual doll, and the guest-made aircraft cup is put into the hole for use.

The removable:

Split cleaning only needs to take out the lower body of the aircraft cup, although the convenience is improved, but also may be caused by frequent removal of the hole in the vagina, causing cracks.

The fixde:

The integrated cleaning needs to move the sex doll to the bathroom for flushing, and the same can be cleaned with the washing rod and cleaning brush.

After cleaning mouth, asshole and vagina, clean cloth and thick kitchen paper towel which are not easy to break can be used to dry the passage, and then let some of the remaining water dry naturally. Of course, if you use some water absorbers to help you dry faster.

Maintenance of the real sex doll after cleaning

If you have used the aircraft cup, pay attention to the materials made by the aircraft cup, many of them are silicone, TPE materials. There will be a little oil out of the way, which is normal, so even the aircraft cup has special maintenance powder to use.

Silicone and TPE sex dolls will have oil condition. In order to maintain the skin of the doll, it is smooth and tender, and do not be stained with dust. After cleaning and drying the sex doll, it can be evenly patted on the doll with ordinary powder or special maintenance powder for the aircraft cup. It is easy to maintain a smooth and delicate condition.



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